Dec 22, 2010

SugarPie surgically inseminated

And finally, SugarPie was surgically inseminated today at Animal Clinic Northview.
She went into heat on Dec. 9th. To help determine the exact day a bitch should be bred, a blood test should be done every other day to determine her progesterone level. The progesterone test can be done every 2-3 days starting at 5 days into the heat.
On the 14th Sugarpie's progesterone level was 2.6.
On the 16th it was 3.2 and on the
18th it was 4.1.
On the 20th it was 9.8.
Ovulation occurs at a level of 5ng, so Sugarpie must have ovulated on Sunday. Dogs ovulate when the estrogen level is declining and the progesterone level is increasing.
Because of Cleveland weather, FedEx was backed up and the sperm coming from Washington was 4 hours late. I was worried because I know that fresh chilled extended semen has a 24-48 hour life span but Dr. Shauntelle Gallaher assured me that the sperm was good.

SugarPie is doing fine and now the waiting begins.

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