Welcome to Harley Bulldogs. We are located in Northeastern Ohio. Larry and I have been in love with the Bulldog breed since 1991 when Larry sold his Harley Davidson to buy our first bulldog, “Harley”. Harley was a big red and white Georgia bulldog from Rosalie Streetner’s kennel. In my opinion, Georgia has the most beautiful Bulldogs. Maybe because it’s home to the Georgia Bulldogs. All I know is that Rosalie was a breeder of beautiful bulldogs. We began as most people do with a pet for my 2 boys, and are now dedicated to establishing quality English Bulldogs – heavy bodied, wide in chest, short and stocky with large heads and jaws. We believe that health should be every breeders #1 goal. Temperament is second and personality comes naturally.
Chicago’s Igor and Olga Sapozhnikov bred our first Bulldog girl, Rosie who came next with an unbelievable pedigree. CH. Millcoats Titus, one of the most prestigious and most recognized pedigrees, is Rosie’s sire. Out of Rosie’s litter we kept baby Schmoe.
What we are NOT – We are not a puppy mill, import broker, scammer or Internet pet store business. My bullies live inside my home with me and are regarded as family members.
We would be proud to help you find your next English Bulldog companion.
It’s my mission to gather and share English Bulldog information.
Please send me your English Bulldog news, tips, photos, stories, videos, puppy announcements, humor and advice. I will happy to post it.

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