1992 - 2003   HARLEY BULLDOG'S HARLEY was a good 'ol Georgia Boy. Big, strong and he would never hurt a flea. When he wasn't sleeping under the Magnolia's, you would find him skateboarding on the cul-de-sac. The only time he took a dominant role was in the goalie position during an intense game of street hockey. Best known for his sperm count, (The vet compared it to that of a horse and actually hung it up on his wall.) Harley looked and acted the stud that he was until the day he died.
1994 - 2005   HARLEY BULLDOG'S ROSIE ruled the roost from the end of the family-room couch and everyone knew it. She was a born alpha dog and smart enough to hold that dictator position from 3 months to 11 years. A beautiful girl, Rosie was the spitting image of her daddy, Millcoat's Titus and attracted comments from her fans whenever she ventured off the couch.
1998 - 2007   HARLEY BULLDOG'S SCHMOE was a Mama's Boy. Although his sexuality was questioned throughout his life, he remained true to himself. During his prime, he swallowed a superball and almost died before they could remove a third of his intestines. After this surgery he was so very thankful and vowed to make the world a better place, which he did and continues to do even after his death.